Real Estate Investing

Why Real Estate? Why Now?
Today’s economic realities have created challenges for investors. Fear of the stock market, historically low interest rates, economic uncertainty, and many more reasons have led many sophisticated investors to find real estate as a safe haven in a very uncertain world. In a low, single-digit rate environment and protracted economic slowdown, the idea of investing in “hard assets with cash flow” has a strong appeal to many.

“Be fearful when others are greedy,

and be greedy when others are fearful.”

Warren Buffett

In the economy, and in every business, every challenge also presents an opportunity. Real estate is such a business or investment:

You Can Achieve Better ROI
With the stock market’s uncertain performance and minimal returns on traditional savings instruments, the 5-20% return potential for low-risk real estate investments is compelling. Real estate offers investment opportunities for a broad spectrum of risk tolerances and investment timing objectives. Stabilized assets may offer “bond like” returns with the benefit of depreciation and asset appreciation.

Capture Opportunities
As financial institutions deal with more regulation, they are diverted from real estate endeavors, creating opportunities for private money investors to be significant beneficiaries of real estate investments.

In addition, unlike the environment of global and automated equities and bonds, real estate markets present greater inefficiencies, which offer opportunity for improved returns to those investors who are knowledgeable and prepared.

Turn to TS REIS for a Stronger, Cash Flow-Based Model
The markets have, and will continue to see, many participants exit due to fear, loss of financing ability, and the failure of their “appreciation only” investment strategy. By investing with a cash flow strategy to cover expenses and financing, real estate investing provides our clients stable, long-term results. The disciplined approach TSREIS brings to real estate investing is low-risk.