TS REIS is the top choice for serious real estate investors who value wealth, security and dependability. We are dedicated to building affluence with exclusive or pooled investment opportunities. We help all types of investors generate income, secure equity and diversify portfolios; and continue to be a top choice by clients because we serve the individual needs of every client with personal and direct relationships.

TS REIS makes real estate investing easy, rewarding and the best choice for every type of client. We build prosperity into every relationship by working with clients each step of the way. Questions are answered. Investments are maximized. And wealth is built with dependable security. Take advantage of our unrivaled opportunities and customized service today.

TS REIS provides direct, individual and experienced service to all types of investors for the best financial results. We are a recognized authority in wealth-building through high quality real estate investment. Our team of professionals provide robust portfolio opportunities for many types of investors. We employ strict standards in acquiring and managing highly desirable properties. And, with our commitment to personalized service, we enjoy an incomparable reputation for producing exceptional results in a straightforward process.

How can TS REIS diversify your Investment Portfolio with Real Estate?

TS REIS has the distinction of providing services to a wide array of client types, with a variety of financial goals, through a focused collection of investment opportunities. From reliable monthly income to portfolio diversification and secure equity, we offer a first class property investment.

The following types of real estate property are most commonly available:

  • Multi-Family & Apartment Property.
  • Manufactured & Mobile Home Communities.
  • Agricultural Property.

We make these quality asset choices available for 1031 Exchanges and other unique investing needs. Our comprehensive and thorough attention to detail has consistently produced great returns in uncomplicated fashion.

At TS REIS, your investment is our investment.

Our mission is to provide a wide range of opportunities with the highest potential for financial goal achievement. In fact, we buy interest in the same type of properties that we offer our investors; sharing in the investment and demonstrating absolute confidence.

Investment Opportunity Structures

Equity Investor (Ownership Interest)

  • Private Equity Funds (PPO), Limited Partner
  • Direct Property LLC, Member

Debt Note Investor / Hard Money Loan

  • Fixed Rate Note
  • Convertible Note*
    • Simple Annual Return at Maturity (Minimum)
    • *Includes convertible option to replace the fixed minimum with the pro rata share of the property value increase at the earlier of property sale or valuation at 3 years.

Historical Performance (Typical Ranges of Annualized Return)

  • Fund 5 Year Avg:   15%+
  • Direct LLC:  0-30%+
  • Fixed Rate Notes:  5.00%
  • Convertible Notes / HML**:  3.00% (Annualized Minimum)
    • ** 10% – 25% Annualized